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The gold standard of vacuum cleaners. Miele vacuum cleaners are the work horses of As You Like It Home Cleaning. Currently we are using the Miele Atlantis hepa vacuum cleaner, and the Miele Polaris hepa vacuum cleaner to dry clean ceilings, moldings, walls, windows, drapes, furniture, and of course floors.

Miele uses true HEPA filters that "retain particles which can be harmful to those with allergies" and that have an "active charcoal layer that prevents odors from escaping with the exhaust air."

The Miele Atlantis canister hepa vacuum cleaner has a built in HEPA filter, but is not a completely sealed HEPA system. It provides extremely good suction and retention of dust and dirt particles as long as Miele brand dust bags are used. The Atlantis has a Powerbrush (an attachment that has it's own motor) to deep clean carpets and rugs, and it is made with lighter materials and is therefore light and portable.

The Miele Polaris is a smaller hepa vacuum cleaner, also a canister, that is designed specifically for people with dust allergies because it is a true, sealed, HEPA system vacuum. A true sealed HEPA machine has helmet grade plastic seals. It is heavy. We bring the Polaris, which does not use a Powerbrush, for people who don't have high pile rugs and carpets because of their allergies.   Miele vacuums use "self-closing dust bags with hygienic seal, 9 stage filtration—ideal for allergy sufferers, and protective netting for extra strength."

Bona kemi

started in 1919, specializes in high quality, nontoxic floor cleaning products including washable, reusable microfiber tools.

Microfiber cleaning cloths, sponges, dusters; new microfiber technology speeds up cleaning, and cleans up cleaning. Microfibers work extremely well with or without product. They are washable and reusable many times over.

Cotton cleaning cloths for super sensitive surfaces.

Eco friendly cleaning ingredients, products and brands we might be using to clean your home:

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