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AYLI's Cleaning Philosophy

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As You Like It Home Cleaning is continually researching and experimenting with alternatives to toxic cleaning chemicals. Dangerous chemicals, natural or synthetic will be avoided (realizing that even the simplest cleaning products, such as vinegar, can be toxic, or unsafe, if used incorrectly).

The goal of ecologically friendly cleaning is to avoid using

In our quest to do no harm as we clean your home we will use the gentlest products we can find. Unscented, non-toxic products will be our first choice. We will choose a liquid, cream, or gel over a spray or powdered product. There is no good reason to use dangerous substances when cleaning good old fashioned dirt and grime from a home!

We can carefully strategize a simple and safe solution to each cleaning dilemma you encounter in your home.

As You Like It Home Cleaning wants to clean your home just the way you want it done. Your standards are our standards. We will try our best to make you happy and comfortable!

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