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About As You Like It Home Cleaning

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Hello, my name is Julia Houriet. I started up this green home cleaning service in January 2010 and named it 'As You Like It' after Shakespeare’s play. Shakespeare's As You Like It is playful and joyous, sophisticated and impeccably crafted. I wanted to bring some of that spirit to my new home cleaning service so I named it As You Like It Home Cleaning.  Our primary goal is to make you happy and your home “as you like it!”

Two years of cleaning fine homes for many wonderful people has honed our skills as green house cleaners. All of this hands-on experience using non-toxic cleaning products and techniques is the best teacher one can hope for. Include with that copious research into all things non-toxic and environmentally friendly and you have the Boston area's best and only truly green cleaning crew!

In 2012 I started mixing up my own cleaning formulas based on recipes I found from a number of green cleaning experts. These non-toxic homemade cleaning products are a joy to work with as well as being highly effective and inexpensive.

I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in 1989 with a BFA in Printmaking. Since then I have learned the craft of hand bookbinding, run a gardening business, become a certified landscape designer, and now in addition have become an expert green cleaner and blogger. (Please visit me at Naturally Bubbly Blog - Green Makeover Tips & Advice.) Truly this variety of interwoven career experiences has taught me the value of providing quality products and services along with a sincere attentiveness to customers' individual needs and requests.

To me, gardening is equal parts art and science with a fistful of compassion mixed in. Cleaning houses is really the same mix of science, art and compassion. The best house cleaners and gardeners really enjoy their work!

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